PocketFox Apps are creative games for children from 7 to 11 years old. They combine exciting themes with age-appropriate tasks so children can play and learn by themselves.

What is ZebraPuzzle No 1?

With Zebra Puzzle No 1 children solve difficult tasks and bring order into the animal world! With each puzzle that they crack they discover more animals in our world and can share them with their brothers and sisters and friends. Zebra Puzzle No 1 combines the pop-up books so popular with children with brain games, so-called logic puzzles. This type of puzzle is said to have been invented by the famous physicist Albert Einstein. Will your child too prove to be a little puzzle genius?




4 Reasons to buy PocketFox Apps



They awaken the desire to play, let the children try out everything and then share their results with other children.


logical thinking

They allow to spend time meaningfully and usefully, especially when travelling, stimulating children’s imagination and providing space for their own ideas.



They contain neither advertising nor links and do not allow to purchase other applications or to access other programmes. Thus, they protect your childrens privacy.


high quality

They are designed by experts from diverse fields and address the needs of children according to their age group.

Functional Principle